Flutter Babies Set

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Flutter Babies Duo

New and revolutionary Make up blending sponges, designed to flawlessly blend and shape your makeup game. The innovative shape allows you to carve and create the perfect layout for your makeup . 

Vegan & Cruelty free
Latex free
Doubles in volume once damp.
Sold in a pack of 2. 



Run your wing under the tap and squeeze and release a few times this will cause the sponge to be filled with water and double in size. Once Sufficiently damp expel all excess water from the sponge place the sponge inside an absorbent layer eg.paper roll, small hand towel and squeeze once more this will make sure all excess water is properly expelled. Your wings are ready. 


Cleanse your beauty blender after use with your favourite cleanser/ Make up remover, ensure all water is properly expelled after cleaning. Replace every 6 months.